The innovation must be concerned with at least one of the themes in the field of water, energy or water and energy related to food throughout the agri-food value chains. As an indication, it must fit into at least one of the following themes:


Energy - Agricultural input

Innovations used as energy-efficient pre-harvest inputs or treatments themselves or that improve the energy efficiency of existing agricultural inputs.


Bio-fertilizers, bio-mimetic mechanisms, drone spraying

Energy - Agricultural production

These innovations aim to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy in agricultural production and/or harvesting processes. This may include technological solutions that facilitate human labour and allow for intensification of agricultural production.


Photovoltaic vegetable greenhouses, solar agro-mechanisation

Energy - Agricultural processing

These innovations concern the use of renewable energy for food processing mechanisms, including the transformation of raw agricultural products into foodstuffs or high value-added products.


Solar mill

Energy - Energy production and infrastructure in agriculture

These innovations improve energy efficiency in production, distribution and storage methods along the food value chain.


Mini-grids, methanisation, geothermal systems...

Energy - Aggregation and storage in agriculture

Innovations that use renewable energy and/or improve energy efficiency for food aggregation, packaging and storage processes.


Solar refrigerators, improved conservation huts

Energy - Transport of agricultural goods

Innovations that improve the energy efficiency of agricultural freight transport.


Electric or CNG trucks/transporters

Water - Irrigation

Innovations that employ innovative techniques to save water in its distribution for agricultural production activities.


Micro-irrigation/precision irrigation, hydro-ponic systems

Water - Catchment/Storage in Agriculture

Innovations that directly address processes and facilities to better regulate water supply


Solar pump, stone cordon techniques

Water - Reuse in agriculture

Innovations that allow wastewater to be recycled and reused in agricultural processes (responding to a circular economy logic).


REUB: Reuse of Raw Water, BNR: Biological Nutrient Removal

Water - Quality/salinity in agriculture

Innovations that use water treatment technologies (brackish or saline) to increase the amount of water available for agricultural use.


Aquaponic systems, reverse osmosis treatment

Digital solutions

Digital solutions that enable water and/or energy savings and automate certain processes in the agri-food value chain to ultimately increase agricultural production. All proposed digital innovations fall into this category.


  • Application for soil quality monitoring, platform for linking producers and distributors, weather monitoring application for crop calendars.
  • soil moisture sensors, remote sensing for crop monitoring, weather information application

Financial solutions

Solutions that improve access to finance or financial resources for food value chain actors.


Epargne rotative, crownfarming, pay-as-you-go.


This concerns innovations that are not digital in nature and cannot be defined as another type of innovation.


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